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Why choose us?

Here are just a few of the advantages our program has to offer....

Advanced Training:  We offer hands-on training in all aspects of nuclear medicine including general nuclear medicine, neurology and cardiac imaging using SPECT/CT and PET/CT cameras.  We also offer hands-on training with the latest radiotherapies including Pluvicto®, Lutathera® and Zevalin®, just to name a few.

Cross-Training in CT: Our students receive 2 full rotations in stand-alone CT.  Those who complete the required number of scans are eligible to take the ARRT(CT) and NMTCB(CT) board exams, which is required by many employers.  Note: To practice stand-alone CT in California, technologists must first be credentialled in radiology.  Many of our clinics also offer an elective in bone density imaging using DXA scanners.

100% NMT Board Exam Pass-Rate:  Our students not only pass the board exams on their first attempt but have consistently averaged in the 70th percentile of the nation (or above) for the past 10 years.

High Job Placement Rate:  Our alumni have >90% job placement rate within 6 months of graduation.  We believe this is due to our reputation for producing some of the most advanced technologists in California. 

Tuition Free:  The government provides this education as a public service.  There are no job obligations upon graduation.  In other words, you can take your free education and run.  While tuition-free sounds enticing, we caution applicants that they must be able to support themselves while going to school full-time.  This can be especially challenging for working adults, as extracurricular study is required to pass the program.

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