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Applications will open again in the summer of 2025.

Thank you to all those who applied for the class of 2024/25.   This year, applications increased 3-fold over previous years.  And the quality of the candidates in terms of academics, references, employment history and volunteer service is unprecedented.   Our selection committee strives to choose the best and brightest amongst all applicants.  But when you see so many qualified and eager individuals with limitless potential, you quickly realize that "best" can no longer be defined.  Each year we only offer 4 - 6 student positions.  For 2024, this means that 85% of some of the most amazing applicants I've seen in recent memory will not be accepted.  This is honestly heartbreaking for me because I can see greatness in so many of you who applied this year.   So for those individuals, and any future applicants to our program, I strongly suggest you consider applying to as many programs as possible in future years to increase your odds of selection.  I also encourage those of you with strong academics and a passion for nuclear medicine to consider reapplying  to our program in the following term.   Up to 40% of each class consists of students who successfully reapplied to the program. 


We will begin accepting applications again in the summer of 2025 for the class that begins in January of 2026.  If you would like to be added to our contact list, or if you have any questions, please email  me, Kent Hutchings, @  

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