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The last day to apply is May 24 for the class that begins on July 8, 2024.

1) Ensure that all prerequisite coursework is complete (see Prerequisites)


2) Prepare a resume with your job history and any related experience, volunteer work or military experience.  If you have a current medical certificate (not required), please include it in your resume as well.  You also may include any additional information in your resume that might help us make a selection decision.


3) Gather your transcripts.  Unofficial copies are okay.  Please delete or blacken-out any DOB or SSN information.  A copy of your college diploma will be required at a later date.


4) Request contact info for at least 2 professional references (phone and email).  Letters of recommendation (optional) can be included with your resume.


5) Write a 1-page (500 word) personal statement addressing why you want to be a nuclear medicine technologist and how you plan to complete the program.

6) Click the yellow button above to complete the application for the class that starts in July, 2024.

7) If you missed this deadline (5/24), please email for options.

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